May’s Tea Runners Subscription 

In my last Tea Runners review I said it would probably be a while before I have another tea review. Oops, I totally forgot that I was still getting a box in May. See with this subscription you pay for May in April. Before they were going to charge me for May I went to the site to skip the month, but the site was a little glitchy and I meant to go back and try again but I didn’t. So I was charged in April for May but then immediately skipped my May payment for the June box. Then I forgot that I was getting a box in May, until they sent me my shipment tracking information. Which I will say I’m actually super happy about this, because I was really wanting some new tea but I’ve been trying to get through what I have. So, “yay,” for the new box and a new review!
English Breakfast

This English Breakfast tea is an organic black tea, that was cultivated in the northern mountains of Thailand. I chose to drink this one first because it was a Saturday. I’m on a kind of diet, sort of, and I save sugary drinks for my “cheat” day which is on Saturday. I love to add milk and sugar to my black teas, so I usually save them for cheat days.

Before I discovered how amazing Earl Grey tea was, my favorite hot tea was a simple English Breakfast. I always liked how it wasn’t too strong but yet not weak. This English Breakfast tea, that I received from Tea Runners, was so smooth and delicious. I tried it first without milk and sugar, and I could taste the subtle raspberry notes mentioned in the description, which I think made this stand out a little more than other EB teas I’ve had. While it was good without milk and sugar, I still added those two ingredients, because like I said it was Saturday. This was a great and simple tea.

Moonlight Jasmine

Moonlight Jasmine is a green tea mixed with jasmine. When I opened the package I smelled the most heavenly floral scent I’ve ever smelled. Despite the smell I was concerned that it would maybe taste too much like perfume when I drank it. However, I was wrong.

I seriously lack the words to describe how much I love this tea. The bitterness that I sometimes taste with green tea was not there. The jasmine was not perfume like at all, in a way it was a sweet candy like taste. It kind of reminded me of a candy that I used to have in Japan. I don’t remember the name of the candy but there used to be a flower on the wrapper, so maybe it was jasmine candy. I can’t remember but I remember that taste. I will say it does leave a weird tingling feeling in my mouth but I still think this is a beautiful tea and I can’t wait to drink more.

If you like green tea, I highly recommend trying this one. You can buy it from Rishi Tea’s website.


Kenyan Black

I decided to try the Kenyan Black tea third because it was Monday and the description said it was a strong tea, so needless to say I needed it. When I first smelled the tea before brewing it, it just smelled like regular tea, even after it finished steeping it smelled nothing out of the ordinary. But that first sip was like a big old slap to the face! It was definitely strong-tasting and very bitter! I immediately had to add some milk, no sugar because it wasn’t a cheat day. The milk did not help that much with the taste but it was a little more drinkable. I feel like it’s the equivalent to straight black coffee, you know some people can take it but some can’t. I’m going to have to find a way to drink what I have left, so it doesn’t go to waste.

If you do want to purchase this tea, 100% of the profits from sales go to schooling fees for orphans in Kenya. Which is a plus if you want to try an incredibly strong tea. You can purchase the tea from Ajiri Tea’s website.

Fellini’s Folly

As always there is one tea in the subscription that I’m super unsure about, this time it was Fellini’s Folly. This Rooibos tea has peppermint, orange peel,  licorice and anise in it, along with some other ingredients. The smell was something that I can’t describe but yet was very familiar. I want to say it almost smelled like pipe tobacco but that’s not exactly what it reminded me of. I still can’t figure out what it is.

I am not a fan of licorice at all and from what I’ve heard anise is pretty much like licorice. Which makes me feel sorry for anise because I always liked the name of this spice, it’s an elegant name. Anyways, when I took the first sip I prepared myself to gag, but surprisingly I didn’t, all I could taste was the peppermint. It remind me of  Celestial Seasonings’ Peppermint Tea, the bagged herbal tea you can buy at pretty much any grocery store. I liked it to a certain extent but I couldn’t drink a lot of it. Part of the reason is that the aftertaste gave me that weird feeling in my mouth I get when I eat licorice. It’s hard to explain, it’s almost like a numbing feeling. Also I just didn’t like it enough to want to drink the whole mug.




1st – Moonlight Jasmine

2nd – English Breakfast

3rd – Kenyan Black

4th – Fellini’s Folly

Overall I’m kind of disappointed in this month’s box. Even though it came with the beautiful Moonlight Jasmine tea, that I’m absolutely in love with, the rest of the teas didn’t really impress me.

Now I know for sure that this is my last Tea Runner’s box for at least a couple of months. I’ve gotten through a lot of tea in my stash, so I’m hopping I can get some new stuff in soon, from other websites. I’m definitely ready for some new tea!

*I want to apologize for how dark my pictures got towards the end. A couple of the bulbs went out, that were above the counter I use, and I just haven’t gotten around to changing them. This is the best place for me to take pictures, unless I go in the bathroom and that would just be weird.

Thanks for reading my little reviews.