To Read or Not to Read

For Mother’s Day I went to Asheville (North Carolina,) to tour the Biltmore Estate with my mother. If you don’t know what the Biltmore is, it’s a very extravagant castle like mansion built by George Vanderbilt in the 1880s. George Vanderbilt was an avid reader and had over 22,000 books, so as showcase the Biltmore had Designed for Drama. They took some of Mr. Vanderbilt’s favorite books that were adapted into movies and then displayed the costumes of said movies. There were costumes from Portrait of a Lady (1996), Sleepy Hollow (1999), Pride and Prejudice (1995), Anna Karenina (2012), Sherlock Holmes (2009), Finding Neverland (2004) and much more. This showcase inspired this new post.

I’ve been an avid reader since I was young. I’ve always loved to read, even though I may go through time periods where I barely read anything at all. This year I decided to set a reading goal, to read 25 books, and I was doing well in the very beginning but then came that reading wall that I normally hit. I just get tired of reading and end up just stopping. Well I stopped right in the middle of reading American Gods, which is a now a series on Starz. I’ve always wanted to read this book and when I found out that it was going to be a tv show, I knew I had to hurry up and read it. Unfortunately because of the reading fatigue and other hobbies,  I’ve only read 268 out of 742 pages, which saddens me because I’m very eager to watch the show but I want to finish the book first.

So here comes the dilemma, should I finish the book first and then watch the show. We have Starz On Demand, so the show will be there for a while, which means no hurry. I just really want to watch it. So do I give up on the goal of reading the book first and just watch it or hold on to that goal. In the end does it really matter if I read the book first or not?

I’ve never been one to be picky about books that become movies or tv shows. I don’t really nitpick at a movie that I’ve read the book for. I understand that it’s difficult to put everything from a book into a movie, it would either make a movie really long or maybe bore the viewers that haven’t read the book and wouldn’t care about specific scenes. So I never harshly criticize movies when they leave out things from the book. Unless it’s something that I feel was really significant and would have been easy to add. For example, in the third installment of the Harry Potter movies, Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry is at a lake and the Dementors are raining down on him and then he sees a glowing stag before a burst of light that scares off the Dementors. Later we find out that Harry goes back in time to alter things that happened and it his Patronus that is the stag, which ultimately he uses to save himself. In the book, it’s later explained to Harry that the probable reason his Patronus is a stag is because his father’s Animagus (the animal he would morph into) was a stag. He and his friends would transform into animals so they could be with Lupin (their friend) on full moon nights when he transformed into a werewolf. The stag was also James Potter’s (Harry’s dad) Patronus. To me this is a beautiful moment and such a wonderful thing to hear, it let’s Harry know that a part of his father is still with him. For some reason, this wasn’t in the movie at all. Which makes no sense to me because it is such a simple but significant thing that could have been easily added and only would have taken up one minute of the movie.

Besides things like that I’m usually really good about not judging a movie or tv show based on the book. To me they’re two separate entities. There are times that I’ve even watched adaptations and I would become curious how the book differs. This is the case with the new Hulu show Handmaid’s Tale. I actually considered reading the book before I even knew it was going to be a show, but I had so many other books to read that I just couldn’t fit it in. The show is so dark and creepy but intriguing at the same time. I want to read the book just to see what’s different.

So should I finish reading American Gods before watching the show? That way I don’t end up wondering about the differences. Or if I do read the book first will it affect how I feel about the show, even though I’m pretty good about keeping filmed adaptations and books separate in my mind? Will it be the first time that I really judge. It’s a tough decision.



Small Tea Review:

While I was at the Biltmore I found tea! So of course I had to buy some. Along with the tea, I also go a lovely new mug and my mother got me an early birthday gift, a beautiful teapot! The tea I bought was a black tea with blackberry leaves. It smelled just like blackberries and the taste was heavenly. I loved how smooth it was and the blackberry flavor notes were just the right balance. I don’t think I would ever buy it again just because the price tag was a little high considering the amount you get. But to be honest that’s to be expected since it’s a tourist spot, things always cost more.



There will be another tea review soon. I know I said it would be a while but I’ve learned to never say that again because I always end up getting more tea. So expect a new Whistling Kettle review in the next week or so.

Till next time!!





April’s Tea Runners Subscription – Review

It’s time for another tea review!! I know how excited you must be.

I received April’s Tea Runners subscription the second week of April and it promised me a tea that would taste like birthday cake. Yes!! But that would have to wait, since I decided to save the best for last (or at least I hoped it was the best.)

Orthodox Earl Grey –

As I was trying out my Peach Nectar Turmeric tea (reviewed in my second Whistling Kettle Review) all I could think about is how I wanted some Earl Grey. I had just received my new Tea Runners box and it had a bag of Orthodox Earl Grey inside. So after a few sips of the turmeric, I dumped it and made me some Earl Grey.

I don’t know if I was just happy to not be drinking the turmeric tea or what, but I loved this Earl Grey. It was so smooth and refreshing. I tasted all the flavor notes and they all melded together perfectly. Overall there isn’t much else to say because it was a simple Earl Grey but it was lovely.


Creme De La Berry Green –

I was a little hesitant about this one because the last green tea I got from Tea Runners was a bust. I will say before and during the steeping process, Creme De La Berry Green smelled quite wonderful. You could smell the strawberries and chocolate. Even though it smelled wonderful, I was still a little apprehensive to try it.

The first sip, I did get more of a that bitter earthy green tea taste. But with the second sip I got the rest of the flavors and it was beautiful. The strawberry came through as the strongest flavor, but that didn’t bother me.  I loved it a lot. I think it’ll be even better when cold brewed.


Black Masala –

The description on the sample bag, for Black Masala, kind of scared me with all the spices mentioned. I immediately thought that there was no way I would be able to drink this. I liked all those spices but not sure about it in a tea. I will admit that the smell was quite nice, so while a little scared I was also intrigued!

This is the second CTC tea that I’ve received from Tea Runners and I didn’t look it up before but CTC means “crush, tear, curl” or “cut, tear, curl.” It’s a way to process black tea in which the leaves are passed through a series of cylindrical rollers with hundreds of sharp teeth that crush, tear, and curl the tea into small, hard pellets. I loved the last CTC tea I received and this one was surprisingly quite good. The spices were a little strong but I did as it said on the package and added a little milk, and that made it so much better. It almost had a chai latte quality to it once the milk was added, which equals, “yum!”


Winter Wonderland Rooibos – 

This is the one that supposedly tasted like birthday cake and I decided to leave it for last, to try on Easter morning. Kind of like an adult Easter treat!! The description sounded so lovely: Rooibos with cinnamon, hazelnuts and Bavarian chocolate. Almost sounds like it is a type of Nutella tea. The smell of course was heavenly.

While it steeped I could smell the hazelnuts, which I love the smell of hazelnuts. Tasting it was quite wonderful. It did kind of taste like cake. It was so beautiful, all the flavors melded together perfectly. It definitely was the best out of the box.



1st – Winter Wonderland Rooibos

2nd – Orthodox Earl Grey

3rd – Creme De La Berry Green

4th – Black Masala

I really do love all these teas and I kind of hated rating them. I’m so happy with this month’s subscription, it was so much better than last month’s. You can purchase the Winter Wonderland Rooibos and the Creme De La Berry Green from Simpson & Vail ( Which while looking at their site I discovered they have tons of teas I want to try. So now I have a new place to shop, yay!

I’m hoping to test out some Boba Tea soon but other than that it would probably be a while till the next tea review. I have a full box of tea that I need to get through. I think I kind of overdid it with all the tea purchases in the last month.

Till next time!!

Whistling Kettle Review #2

Like I told you in the last Whistling Kettle review, I had already bought more tea by the time I finished writing that review. So here goes the review for the second batch of samples I ordered.

Earl Grey Cream

I’ve only tried Earl Grey one time prior to this and it wasn’t pleasant. It was in a K-Cup sample set that I received when we bought our Keurig. I did not like it. It was burnt and very bitter tasting. I vowed then that I would never drink Earl Grey again. Now I know that loose leaf teas are different from bagged teas and it’s all about the steeping process. So when I ordered my second set of samples, I decided to get an Earl Grey this time around.

One thing I learned about Earl Grey while actually reading about different teas, is that it’s supposed to mimc a floral and fruity taste, partially due to the oil from the citrus of the bergamot fruit (a sort of orange.) From that Earl Grey K-cup I tried, I could have never known this unless I tried it again and read about it, it did not have any floral or fruit notes at all. However I can happily say that the Earl Grey Cream I purchased from The Whistling Kettle, pulled through with those flavors and more. I absolutely loved this tea. I wanted to drink it all day, I didn’t, but I wanted to. Along with the floral and fruity notes there was also a hint of cream that made it such a smooth drink. I’ll definitely purchase this one again.


Scottish Caramel Toffee Pu-erh Tea

Pu-Erh (pronounced Poo-Air, and yes the inner child in me laughed) is a type of tea that goes through a unique fermentation process that’s not like other teas. It’s meant to be an aged tea and the older it gets the better it is. The microorganisms that are created during this aging process gives Pu-Erh properties that help with digestion. From what I read, people in China drink this tea after rich meals to “cut the grease.” And like other teas it is also high in antioxidants which help with the prevention of cancer and heart disease.

This was one type of tea that I had yet to try, so I figured I would give it a go. The name, Scottish Caramel Toffee, is what intrigued me because I love caramel and toffee. The smell was so creamy and caramel like and I was extremely excited to take my first taste. While the smell was wonderful, the taste was a little strong. It wasn’t bad and I got the hint of caramel and toffee. The problem for me was that it tasted a lot like coffee and I’m not a fan of coffee at all. While it was slightly more drinkable than coffee, I still had a hard time finishing my mug. Honestly I’m just so conflicted because I wanted to love it so much and parts of it I did, I just couldn’t drink much of it. I’ll of course finish this sample bag but I don’t know if I would ever buy this one again. However if you like coffee and are looking to try out some teas, you may love it.


Purple Tea –

I had never heard of purple tea until Whistling Kettle had posted about it on their Facebook page. I was immediately intrigued. Purple tea is a tea mainly grown in Kenya and it has all the health benefits of green and black tea, plus more. It’s grown at a high elevation and due to that it gets higher levels of UV and it causes the plant to produce very high levels of anti-oxidants. The tea can have a purplish hue to it and this is due to a unique genetic mutation that produces anthocyanin, which is the same powerful anti-oxidant found in blueberries, but at a high percentage. It contains 1.5 percent anthocyanin compared to .1 percent in blueberries. Anthocyanin is particularly known to be beneficial in the prevention against cardiovascular diseases, as well as providing anti-cancer benefits, improving vision, and aiding in cholesterol and blood sugar metabolism.

So since I like to try new teas, I purchased some plain purple tea, wanting to try it with no additions. While steeping it smelled very much like other teas and it tasted just like most teas as well, very earthy. At first I wasn’t sure I could drink a whole mug because admittedly I’m used to teas with some kind of flavor addition. But after I sat the mug down and went about making my breakfast, I found myself wanting to drink more. I liked it and the health benefits are a bonus. I think next time I’ll get one of the mixes.

IMG_0772IMG_0773IMG_0782(In this picture you can’t really see the purple hue, but in person you can. And when I was done with my mug you could see a little purple sediment at the bottom of the mug.)

Peach Nectar Turmeric –

I ordered this turmeric tea before I went to Hendersonville to see my mom. I had no idea that I would end up buying tea at Spice It Up or that I would be getting turmeric tea in my sample set then. If you remember from my Spice It Up review I was not a fan of the Turmeric Ginger tea. So I immediately regretted that I had bought the Peach Nectar Turmeric from The Whistling Kettle. But hey, how was I supposed to know?

When smelling this tea, both in the bag and while it was steeping, all I could smell was the turmeric. I immediately knew I wasn’t going to like it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of turmeric in my food but not so much to drink. I took a small sip at first, just to kind of brace myself, and it turned out not to be too bad. The peach, which was dried before steeping, definitely came through and was the winning flavor note. The turmeric was there but it wasn’t too overpowering. I did learn that the weird aftertaste I got from the last turmeric tea was not the lemon oil, it’s the turmeric. I got that same weird feeling and taste in my mouth with this tea. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I liked this tea but I didn’t dislike it. Most likely I’ll finish up the sample I have and probably never buy it again. I only drank half a mug because I was craving some Earl Grey, but I did drink it!


Chocolate Cake Honeybush – 

Honeybush is like a Rooibos just slightly sweeter, according to what I’ve read about it. It’s caffeine free and has all the other health properties that Rooibos has.  I decided I wanted to try this one out and see if it would kind of feed that chocolate craving. While it smelled delicious and was very smooth tasting with just the right about of chocolate taste, I don’t think I could use it to substitute for a Snickers craving.

I really did enjoy it. It had beautiful flavor notes and was a nice way to wake up in the morning. However it did have a slight coffee taste and I mentioned before that I’m not a huge coffee fan. So while I will totally finish the sample that I have, I don’t think that I would purchase it again. I’m sure others would love it though!



1st – Earl Grey Cream

2nd – Purple tea

3rd – Chocolate Cake Honeybush

4th – Scottish Caramel Toffee Pur-eh

5th – Peach Nectar Turmeric

While I wasn’t super in love with most of these teas, besides the Earl Grey Cream, I still love The Whistling Kettle. It has to be my favorite place to order tea from. Obviously I was not going to like everything they have and I’m sure that there will be purchases that I don’t like, but it still is the best place. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you should!

Next week I will be reviewing my second subscription box from Tea Runners!

Spice It Up – Tea Review

This past Saturday I decided to take a “Mommy Break” and go up to visit my mom in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Most of the time when I go see my mom we either go to Asheville or other surrounding towns, but never to downtown Hendersonville. So this time around that’s what we decided to do.

Downtown Hendersonville is a quaint little place with a lot of locally owned shops and restaurants. After filling up on Mexican food at Sol Y Luna and buying some cheesecake at a local shop, we headed over to a spice store called Spice It Up. They also sold loose leaf tea, so you know I had to buy some. I decided to buy a sample set of five herbal teas, since I haven’t really tested out a lot of herbals.

Here is the sample set I bought:


Before I start these reviews I want to say that none of these teas came with steeping instructions, like many of the ones I’ve gotten lately. I wasn’t sure of how hot the water should be, how many teaspoons of tea per ounce of water or how long it should steep. So I had to use good old Google and I found a steeping chart for different teas. So I just went with the standard instructions for herbal tea. I don’t know if this affected the taste or not.

Here are the reviews:

First tea: Turmeric Ginger

They say turmeric is an anti-inflammatory, so I tried this first because my body had been feeling really achy lately and wanted to see if it would help. The description lists ginger, orange peel, lemon peel and lemon oil along with the turmeric. With the first taste I got a lot of lemon and some ginger with a slight hint of the turmeric. I’m not sure if I liked it. It’s definitely drinkable and not something I want to dump in the sink immediately but it’s also not something I would purposely buy or crave to drink. This tea really tasted like hot flat lemon ginger ale with a hint of some spice. It also left this aftertaste in my mouth that was really weird. In a way it was like when you drink diet soda and it leaves that aspartame aftertaste in your mouth. I’m assuming it was the lemon oil creating that aftertaste. It’s not bad just odd. As for the anti-inflammatory benefit, well I didn’t seem that achy after drinking it but I don’t know if that’s because of the tea.


Second tea: Cape Cod Cranberry

This tea is the reason I bought the sample pack. I was smelling some of the teas in the shop when I came across this and I immediately fell in love with it. Cape Cod Cranberry is a fruit tea and the first I’ve ever had. As this tea steeped the aroma was immediate and it was so amazing. It was very fruity and almost smelled like candy. Drinking it was just as good, the cranberries were the main taste but I also got the small notes of hibiscus and apple. I’m absolutely in love with this tea and plan to buy more.


Third Tea: Peach Melba

This was a berry tea that’s supposed to taste like peaches and cream according to the description. It definitely smelled like peaches and cream, which was a delicious aroma, but it did not taste like it at all. All I could taste while drinking it were the berries and hint of the hibiscus. Again, none of that tasted like peaches and cream or maybe I just forgot what that combo tastes like. This tea was also a bit sour. I did like it, but I’m not sure I would buy it. 


Fourth Tea: Rooibos Candied Almond

The first thing that struck me when I smelled this tea, even before steeping it, was that it smelled straight up like pipe tobacco. It wasn’t necessarily a bad smell, that’s just what it reminded me of. I loved the little sugar hearts that were in this tea, but I don’t think the sugar did anything for the taste. The main thing I could taste was the almonds and of course the rooibos. I wasn’t really a fan of it. I didn’t dislike it and I drank a good bit but I just felt really “meh” about this tea.


Fifth tea: Warming Crimson Berry

This has to be the first time that I tried a tea and it was down right awful, to the point I couldn’t finish it. First off it smelled like perfume or potpourri and it tasted like it too, with a kick of cayenne. I drink a morning detox drink almost daily that has cayenne in it and it doesn’t usually bother me, but this was just too much. I didn’t care for this spicy perfume tea at all and I poured it out after five sips.



1st: Cape Cod Cranberry

2nd: Peach Melba

3rd: Rooibos Candied Almond

4th: Turmeric Ginger

5th: Warm Crimson Berry

Overall I think I should have just bought the Cape Cod Cranberry and left it at that. I would definitely go back to Spice It Up to purchase other sample bags. I think it’s a great way to try new tea, it’s just unfortunate that I either didn’t like some of these teas or that there was no wow factor with most of them. If you’re ever in downtown Hendersonville you should check them out, even if you aren’t a fan of tea they do have many spices and meat rubs.


Whistle While You Drink Tea – A Tea Review

As I mentioned in another post, a high school friend of mine told me about The Whistling Kettle, a tea shop in New York.  So I went to their website and scanned through some of their teas, which there were a lot. After a mini internal struggle I decided on six teas and I purchased sample size bags (4-6 cups worth of tea) at $3.00 a piece. This was perfect because I could buy an assortment and if there was one I didn’t like I wouldn’t be out of too much money. Within four or five days the teas arrived in the mail and I began my taste testing.

The Teas:

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie –  I was excited for this one, so it had to be the first. Words cannot describe the smell, all I can say is it’s amazing, like I immediately fell in love with this tea. It did taste like an oatmeal raisin cookie and it was heavenly. I had my husband take a sip and next thing I knew he was wanting me to make him a cup. He added some sugar to it and said it was even better, which I don’t know if that’s possible. This was definitely a good buy and I would get it again! 



Tea Description: A flavorful treat that tastes like a warm oatmeal raisin cookie fresh out of the oven. 

Night of the Iguana Chai – I was also excited for this one because it was chai with a little chocolate but honestly that first mug was not all that great. I probably did something wrong in the steeping process. The second time around I added just a dash of sugar and a little milk, just to kind of give it a chai latte taste and it so much better. It was a good buy but I’m not sure if I would ever get it again.


Tea Description: A mysterious blend of chocolate and masala spices enhances this velvety black tea. 

White Raspberry Spritzer – I will say I got this one because the description intrigued me. It said that there was a hint of champagne involved, so I had to give it go. It was quite refreshing but I didn’t taste any champagne. It mainly just tasted like berries, which is not a bad thing. I don’t regret this buy either and I would probably buy it again.


Tea Description: Premium white tea infused with champagne and raspberries. 

Vanilla Berry Truffle -I loved this one! There were shavings of vanilla in it which just melted into the tea. It was a perfect blend of vanilla, berries and tea. This is also a rooibos tea, which meant it was decaf, so it’s good for a little afternoon treat when you don’t necessarily need a pick me up. I will definitely buy this one again!



Description: A harmonious infusion sweet and tangy flavors with smoothness and fresh cream. 

Buckingham Palace – This is the one that I chose to kind of get me out of my comfort zone. I was really unsure about it, I felt it could be a horrible choice. I honestly have never had any type of drink with jasmine or bergamot in it, so I didn’t know what to expect. It turned out to be really good and it actually reminded me of something I had before but I can’t remember what. I’m not sure I would buy it again because even though it was good it’s not a tea that I would crave often. However, I would tell people to give it a try if they were interested.


Tea Description: A flavorful medium body with notes of jasmine and bergamot. 

English Breakfast Tea – I got this because I like English Breakfast tea and I wanted to try it in it’s loose leaf form. It was good and tasted just like any EB tea I’ve had before.


Tea Description: A perfect breakfast tea with good body and full tea flavor notes. Coppery bright. 

I also ordered a free catalog from them that described all their teas and also explained how each tea is different. It’s a great reference guide.


Overall I enjoyed all the teas I got from The Whistling Kettle, even the one I had to add a little milk and sugar to. I love this place so much and I’ve already ordered more tea.

If you’re feeling up to it and want to try out some interesting tea mixes, you definitely should check out The Whistling Kettle. Like I said you can order online and have the tea shipped to you! They also do like a member point system where customers can collect points in different ways and then use the points to go towards future purchases.

 I would like to add here that I’m currently trying to improve my photography skills, which I have no skills, so forgive the experimental tea photos. 

Thanks for reading! Hopefully with time I can get little more descriptive and professional with my tea reviews. 

If you have any topics or tea suggestions, you can leave a comment or email me at! 


Running to the Mailbox for Some Tea

So why did I decide to start trying different teas? Well I was looking to develop a new interest. I’ve always liked tea, since I’m not a coffee drinker, but I never branched out from what I could buy at the grocery store. I never thought about the other options until one day I was scanning through my Instagram feed. I follow Jewel Staite, she’s an actress who as been in a lot of shows, two particular ones close to my heart are Disney’s Flash Forward and my all time favorite Firefly. Jewel announced, on her Instagram, that she and her husband were going to start a subscription service for monthly tea. They were going to be sending subscribers four award winning teas every month and they were going to call it, Tea Runners. This sounded interesting and a great way to start my new tea journey.

This post is about the first subscription box I received in March.

Peach Ginger Detox – This was the first tea, out of the four, that I tried and I absolutely loved it. The first sip was so refreshing and I could definitely taste the peach notes. It was so good and I enjoyed quite a few mugs over the past couple of weeks.

I would like to add that this detox tea is not like the “detox” tea sponsored by a lot of celebrities. I’m not going to go into the differences because it would just send this post off a cliff into a black hole of topics no one wants to read about. If curious you can look it up.

Makalu Mint Green Tea Blend – I did not like this one at all the first time I tried it. I don’t know if I steeped it wrong or what but it was bitter to no end. I did try it a second time, steeping it a different way, and it was much better. However, I’m still not a fan. Green tea and I have a fickle relationship, sometimes I love it and sometimes I don’t. I won’t waste the rest, I’ll definitely finish it up, just begrudgingly.

CTC Black – If you’ve had black tea, such as English Breakfast tea, then you know what this tastes like. It is very much a typical black tea. I like my black tea with milk and sometimes a little sugar, so that’s what I did. It was good. Not much else I can say about it.

Annapurna Oolong – This is the one I was actually scared to try. I’ve had oolong in the past and was not a fan. It was just too “earthy” for me. So I waited until it was absolutely necessary for blog purposes to drink this. It turned out to be so good. In the description it said there were notes of melted caramel, muscat grape and apricot. I could taste all those. I don’t think I’ll ever be scared of oolong again.

This week I also purchased this adorable glass teapot with infuser. It’s great for when I want more than just one mug of tea or if my husband wants tea as well. And yes that is my fading Reading Rainbow mug. Unfortunately I’d been putting it in the dishwasher (it says dishwasher safe) and slowly the picture started to fade. I had to start hand washing because I didn’t want LeVar Burton to disappear.

My Rankings:

1st place – Peach Ginger Detox Tea

2nd place – Annapurna Oolong

3rd place – CTC Black

4th place – Makalu Mint Green Tea Blend

Overall I enjoyed this month’s box and I plan to get the April box. Afterwards I may skip a few months or cancel my subscription, because at $25.00 a month it’s just a little too costly for me. I would like to use that money to purchase tea from other sites. Plus I have way too much tea at the moment, so I would like to go through most of that before I get any more.

If interested in Tea Runners, give them a Google and check them out.


Footloose Dancing with Clown Face


The art of dance. Oh how I wish I stayed in that tap class I was in when I was five. But unfortunately like all skills I tried to learn throughout my life, I quit. Maybe if I had stuck with it, I would be a dance star right now. Such a shame.

Okay, I probably wouldn’t be a star but I could have at least been able to recreate some of my favorite dance scenes from the three best dance movies to ever exist. That’s right folks, I’m talking about those three 80’s classics; Footloose, Dirty Dancing and Flashdance. These three movies immersed me into a world of dance and I have never left. I still love watching dance movies, even the ones where the actors really can’t act but that’s okay because they were hired for their dance skills.

(I feel like I’m saying dance way too much but there aren’t a lot of synonyms for the word. I even looked it up in the thesaurus and all the alternatives were names of actual types of dancing.)

First let’s talk about Footloose, the 80’s version not that blasphemy of a remake. The lovable and adorable young Kevin Bacon comes to a prude town where dance is forbidden. So he spreads a dancing fever of rebellion amongst the teen population and they fight for their right to party. (That’s right, I went there.) John Lithgow is the evil father and pastor who bans dancing but soon sees the error of his ways, because dance is magical. In the end they’re all happy and have one crazy night of letting it all out on the dance floor.

It’s such a great movie. Talking about it right now, makes me want to watch it. Footloose will always be up there with the movies I love so dear. The song is even classic and those close to me know that I will bust out my Molly Ringwald moves (think dance scene from Breakfast Club) anytime it comes on. This movie taught me that sometimes you have to fight for something if you really love it.

Now let’s talk about Dirty Dancing. As a kid I believed that boys/men were “yucky,” well that’s with the exception of Jon Bon Jovi. Then I saw Dirty Dancing and quickly fell into crush phase for Patrick Swayze. He was a man with amazing dance skills, shining beauty and manly protecting ways. Thinking back maybe Dirty Dancing was a little too much heat for a young kid but I really didn’t invest too much attention into the raunchy moves, abortion scandal and slight intimate scenes. I was a kid and didn’t understand what any of that meant. No, I lived for that final dance scene. That ending was AMAZING and still is. From the classic “baby in the corner” line to that beautiful lift. I seriously love that movie so much and I’ve probably watched it more times than I can count. So much so that I told my husband that when I die, I want to be cremated. I want my family and friends to go up to Lake Lure (where the movie was filmed and it’s like an hour from where we live now) and spread my ashes into the lake while blasting the song “The Time of My Life.” I’m hundred percent serious about this, those are my final wishes. Dirty Dancing taught me that you never let others tell you who to love and with lots of practice you too can be a great dancer.

Last of all is Flashdance, which my mother tells me I called it, “Clown Face.”  Why did I call it “Clown Face?” Well at one point in the movie Jennifer Beals’ character does one of her theatrical exotic dances with some kind of crazy kabuki looking make up on. That’s what I took away from that movie when I was in my youth. Not that the girl in the movie was an exotic dancer, but that she wore creepy make up at some point. In all seriousness, the movie taught me that sometimes you have to work hard for your dreams. The main character, Alex, just wants to go to ballet school. In order to do so, she has to work as a welder by day and an exotic dancer by night. In the end she made it in for an audition and did a routine that best represented her. She worked hard for what she wanted and never let herself change just to achieve her dream.

I would like to add here that I did go back and watch the trailers for each one of these movies. Let me just say I wouldn’t watch any of them for the first time, in the present, just based on those trailers. They were all hilariously awful, true to 80’s form.

These three movies will always have a place in my heart. I will probably re-watch them periodically throughout my life till the day I die. Dance is beautiful and I will forever be jealous of those who can dance. It inspires heroes, lovers, and dreamers.

Blog Tea

A high school friend of mine told me about a tea shop near her, in New York, that sells tea online. So I ordered little samples of various teas and plan to write a post about it  later on. However I felt it was fitting for me to try one of those samples as I wrote this, since it’s a bubbly post about dancing and this tea has some bubbly soaked in. That’s right I’m talking about champagne.

White Raspberry Spritzer

There was a tiny hint of champagne but all I really could taste was the raspberries, which is fine by me. I really enjoyed it!

This tea is from The Whistling Kettle. Check them out! So far every sample I’ve tried has been good and again I plan to review them all more in-depth in the future.

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