Lately I have been in a major funk. Part of the reason is the sense of rejection I’m feeling from not getting any calls for job interviews. I get it, there are lots of people looking for jobs and employers can only look at so many applications. Plus, I’m sure, there are other reasons I’m not getting any interviews. Either way it’s putting me in a funk and because of my mood I have lost all the ability to have fun with this blog. I’m just not inspired to write. 

A while back, I said that I was going to try and write a new post every Monday and Thursday but slowly I’m realizing that has made writing like a chore now. So I have decided that I’m not going to have set days to write, I’m just going to write when inspiration hits. Plus I need to use any free time I have to apply for jobs. 

So to anyone who likes to read my blog, hopefully I will post something at least once a week. I’m not quitting by any means, just going to use my time differently. 

Here’s hoping I can start having fun with this blog again! 


4 thoughts on “Changes

  1. I just found your blog and I think it’s inspiring. I started a blog back in 2011 and then set it as private because I got so caught up in editing and trying to make it “perfect”. It’s brave to write for the world. Don’t ever give yourself a schedule. Just write as often as you want or need to. And don’t worry, you’ll find the right job at the right time.

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    1. Jen?!?! For a minute I thought this was a random person commenting then I was like, “wait a minute.” It is definitely hard not to be a perfectionist when writing, I totally get that. I was doing the same in the beginning but finally just let go and said this is me, I’m not perfect or a great writer but I like to write this blog. The schedule was to keep me active but that was definitely a mistake. I wish I could read your blog, I bet it is awesome. Thanks for this comment and putting a smile on my face this morning!


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