Whistle While You Drink Tea – A Tea Review

As I mentioned in another post, a high school friend of mine told me about The Whistling Kettle, a tea shop in New York.  So I went to their website and scanned through some of their teas, which there were a lot. After a mini internal struggle I decided on six teas and I purchased sample size bags (4-6 cups worth of tea) at $3.00 a piece. This was perfect because I could buy an assortment and if there was one I didn’t like I wouldn’t be out of too much money. Within four or five days the teas arrived in the mail and I began my taste testing.

The Teas:

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie –  I was excited for this one, so it had to be the first. Words cannot describe the smell, all I can say is it’s amazing, like I immediately fell in love with this tea. It did taste like an oatmeal raisin cookie and it was heavenly. I had my husband take a sip and next thing I knew he was wanting me to make him a cup. He added some sugar to it and said it was even better, which I don’t know if that’s possible. This was definitely a good buy and I would get it again! 



Tea Description: A flavorful treat that tastes like a warm oatmeal raisin cookie fresh out of the oven. 

Night of the Iguana Chai – I was also excited for this one because it was chai with a little chocolate but honestly that first mug was not all that great. I probably did something wrong in the steeping process. The second time around I added just a dash of sugar and a little milk, just to kind of give it a chai latte taste and it so much better. It was a good buy but I’m not sure if I would ever get it again.


Tea Description: A mysterious blend of chocolate and masala spices enhances this velvety black tea. 

White Raspberry Spritzer – I will say I got this one because the description intrigued me. It said that there was a hint of champagne involved, so I had to give it go. It was quite refreshing but I didn’t taste any champagne. It mainly just tasted like berries, which is not a bad thing. I don’t regret this buy either and I would probably buy it again.


Tea Description: Premium white tea infused with champagne and raspberries. 

Vanilla Berry Truffle -I loved this one! There were shavings of vanilla in it which just melted into the tea. It was a perfect blend of vanilla, berries and tea. This is also a rooibos tea, which meant it was decaf, so it’s good for a little afternoon treat when you don’t necessarily need a pick me up. I will definitely buy this one again!



Description: A harmonious infusion sweet and tangy flavors with smoothness and fresh cream. 

Buckingham Palace – This is the one that I chose to kind of get me out of my comfort zone. I was really unsure about it, I felt it could be a horrible choice. I honestly have never had any type of drink with jasmine or bergamot in it, so I didn’t know what to expect. It turned out to be really good and it actually reminded me of something I had before but I can’t remember what. I’m not sure I would buy it again because even though it was good it’s not a tea that I would crave often. However, I would tell people to give it a try if they were interested.


Tea Description: A flavorful medium body with notes of jasmine and bergamot. 

English Breakfast Tea – I got this because I like English Breakfast tea and I wanted to try it in it’s loose leaf form. It was good and tasted just like any EB tea I’ve had before.


Tea Description: A perfect breakfast tea with good body and full tea flavor notes. Coppery bright. 

I also ordered a free catalog from them that described all their teas and also explained how each tea is different. It’s a great reference guide.


Overall I enjoyed all the teas I got from The Whistling Kettle, even the one I had to add a little milk and sugar to. I love this place so much and I’ve already ordered more tea.

If you’re feeling up to it and want to try out some interesting tea mixes, you definitely should check out The Whistling Kettle. Like I said you can order online and have the tea shipped to you! They also do like a member point system where customers can collect points in different ways and then use the points to go towards future purchases.

 I would like to add here that I’m currently trying to improve my photography skills, which I have no skills, so forgive the experimental tea photos. 

Thanks for reading! Hopefully with time I can get little more descriptive and professional with my tea reviews. 

If you have any topics or tea suggestions, you can leave a comment or email me at tvandteablog@gmail.com! 



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