The Importance of Being Unimportant

I’m a little conflicted with my blog and this has caused my motivation to plummet. For almost a month I had tons of topics running through my mind but now I sit here completely blank. While I love this blog, I just feel like it is so trivial. 

There is so much pain and injustice in the world right now and it’s been this way for years. I feel like I can’t look at the news or social media without being knocked in the face by some horrible or maddening news. I don’t mention world problems in any of my social media or on this blog. The things I write about are so inconsequential compared to the things I could write about. I read other blogs on WordPress and I’m just in awe of the words these other writers use and the important topics that they write about. It really makes me feel small. It makes me feel like others think I’m ignoring the problems of the world.

The thing is, I’m not. I cry daily about some news I’ve read or get filled with rage at some injustice. I want to shake others awake and make them notice what’s going on. But how do I choose? America is in political chaos and it’s pitting citizen against citizen. There seems to be a mass killing weekly if not daily. There are children who are being found in deplorable living conditions. There are Veterans who still are not getting the help they need for PTSD and employment. I could go on and on, but I’m not going to because it’s all too much and plus I’m not an expert on any of those topics. 

When thinking about all the problems in the world I begin to sink into a sad state. Life seems so dark and scary, that it makes me not want to leave the house. In order for me to avoid hermit living, I need an escape. Hence this blog.

I realize that this blog is supposed to be trivial. It’s supposed to give readers to a mindless read. It’s therapeutic for me to type away all the tv nonsense in my head. Drinking tea has helped to calm my nerves and not stress eat. It’s been fun to share my tea discoveries with people, be it how lame they might be. I need this blog for an escape. I want to talk about unimportant matters because I need my mind to get carried away with topics like, “Was Saved By the Bell: The New Class completely necessary?”

I’m not ignoring the world and it’s problems. I just need a break and I hope I can give others a mindless break.

This post is just a reminder to myself that there is some importance to being unimportant, that everyone needs some mindless escape. Hopefully by writing this post the topics will come flowing back. 


6 thoughts on “The Importance of Being Unimportant

  1. Please keep writing – your blog is very entertaining. There is importance to what you think is unimportant. We all do need some mindless escape. May the topics start to flow… :0)

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  2. Keep on keeping on! Keep a little journal where U write down ideas and that may help with writers block. Trust me, I hate all the terrible news stories these days and appreciate unrelated stories! The more puppy and kitten stories I click on FB the more I see! The less ISIS stories I click on the less I see! I enjoy your blog!

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