Running to the Mailbox for Some Tea

So why did I decide to start trying different teas? Well I was looking to develop a new interest. I’ve always liked tea, since I’m not a coffee drinker, but I never branched out from what I could buy at the grocery store. I never thought about the other options until one day I was scanning through my Instagram feed. I follow Jewel Staite, she’s an actress who as been in a lot of shows, two particular ones close to my heart are Disney’s Flash Forward and my all time favorite Firefly. Jewel announced, on her Instagram, that she and her husband were going to start a subscription service for monthly tea. They were going to be sending subscribers four award winning teas every month and they were going to call it, Tea Runners. This sounded interesting and a great way to start my new tea journey.

This post is about the first subscription box I received in March.

Peach Ginger Detox – This was the first tea, out of the four, that I tried and I absolutely loved it. The first sip was so refreshing and I could definitely taste the peach notes. It was so good and I enjoyed quite a few mugs over the past couple of weeks.

I would like to add that this detox tea is not like the “detox” tea sponsored by a lot of celebrities. I’m not going to go into the differences because it would just send this post off a cliff into a black hole of topics no one wants to read about. If curious you can look it up.

Makalu Mint Green Tea Blend – I did not like this one at all the first time I tried it. I don’t know if I steeped it wrong or what but it was bitter to no end. I did try it a second time, steeping it a different way, and it was much better. However, I’m still not a fan. Green tea and I have a fickle relationship, sometimes I love it and sometimes I don’t. I won’t waste the rest, I’ll definitely finish it up, just begrudgingly.

CTC Black – If you’ve had black tea, such as English Breakfast tea, then you know what this tastes like. It is very much a typical black tea. I like my black tea with milk and sometimes a little sugar, so that’s what I did. It was good. Not much else I can say about it.

Annapurna Oolong – This is the one I was actually scared to try. I’ve had oolong in the past and was not a fan. It was just too “earthy” for me. So I waited until it was absolutely necessary for blog purposes to drink this. It turned out to be so good. In the description it said there were notes of melted caramel, muscat grape and apricot. I could taste all those. I don’t think I’ll ever be scared of oolong again.

This week I also purchased this adorable glass teapot with infuser. It’s great for when I want more than just one mug of tea or if my husband wants tea as well. And yes that is my fading Reading Rainbow mug. Unfortunately I’d been putting it in the dishwasher (it says dishwasher safe) and slowly the picture started to fade. I had to start hand washing because I didn’t want LeVar Burton to disappear.

My Rankings:

1st place – Peach Ginger Detox Tea

2nd place – Annapurna Oolong

3rd place – CTC Black

4th place – Makalu Mint Green Tea Blend

Overall I enjoyed this month’s box and I plan to get the April box. Afterwards I may skip a few months or cancel my subscription, because at $25.00 a month it’s just a little too costly for me. I would like to use that money to purchase tea from other sites. Plus I have way too much tea at the moment, so I would like to go through most of that before I get any more.

If interested in Tea Runners, give them a Google and check them out.



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