Add Half a Cup of Politeness

From a young age I’ve had an obsession with British…everything. I don’t know if this is because I have British ancestors, so it’s deep down in my blood, or if it’s just because the country’s history is fascinating and the accents are nice. This is why I love British television. Yes, there are shows like Doctor Who and Sherlock that a lot of Americans like, but I like it all, from the mystery shows (and there are plenty) to their competition shows. That brings me to this post’s topic, The Great British Baking Show! Which is called The Great British Bake Off in Great Britain, but Pillsbury apparently owns the trademark, “Bake-Off,” so it was changed here in America.

I love watching cooking shows in general but The Great British Baking Show (GBBS) is just a pure delight. The set is so peaceful and everything just looks so pretty. The people are always so proper British and the stuff they bake looks amazingly delicious. I’m actually quite jealous considering the only thing I can bake are cookies and I just got to where those turn out decent. These contestants are baking things I would never even dream of baking, like fig hazelnut chocolate biscotti. I’m intimidated by the thought of making biscuits from scratch. I will probably always buy biscuits in a can.

The main thing I love about GBBS is the genuine politeness the contestants show one another. I feel when watching a lot of other competition shows, British or American, the contestants never lend a hand to help other contestants or even let them borrow ingredients. Master Chef Junior is the exception to that, those little chefs are always adorably nice to each other. On The Great British Baking Show they cheer each other up, encourage each other and cry when someone is kicked off the show. And best of all they will admit when their bakes are utter rubbish. They don’t ever argue with the judges or try to give excuses. It’s so wonderful and refreshing. Every now and then you see little side-eye glances of judgment but it’s rare.

I got inspired by the show to write this short post and bake something with tea mixed in. Since I’m only good at baking cookies (at the moment,) I decided to make Chamomile Almond Shortbread cookies.


I did my own little spin on a recipe I found, just like most of the contestants do on GBBS, and they turned out…alright. I can’t find even a hint of chamomile flavor. They just taste like almond shortbread with the tiniest bit of grit. Not saying they aren’t good but they aren’t something to brag about. However I will say that my five-year old absolutely loves them and keeps asking for more. (She doesn’t know about the chamomile.)

Hey I tried, right, and I had fun doing it. I hope one day I’ll work up the courage to bake a cake (not from a box) or my own sandwich bread.


And yes I watched the show while I baked…


If you like cooking competitions, you should check out The Great British Baking Show, it’s on Netflix.

(I feel like I’m getting paid to advertise the show. I’m not. Unfortunately.)




4 thoughts on “Add Half a Cup of Politeness

  1. Ummmm…seasonal sausage balls are a specialty of yours, for which I have driven 2 hours to enduldge!!! And it wouldn’t hurt to get some shortbread cookies either.

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  2. I love that show too! I agree, it’s refreshing to see the contestants cheering one another on and if one has finished will help another in a crunch. I also love it how they say Ready, Set, “Baaakkkee!”

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