Small Silver Wonder Spoons

You know what seems to be missing from television? Sitcoms where the leading characters are the kids. No doubt we have sitcoms nowadays that have families in it and we get a lot of kid themed episodes but it’s nothing like what we had in the 80’s and part the 90’s.

In the 80’s we had a lot of family oriented sitcoms and two shows really stuck out in my mind as more for the children rather than the adults. The first sitcoms that made me realize that kids could run the show were Silver Spoons and Small Wonder.

“Hey Amanda, what about the fabulous Punky Brewster or Charles in Charge?! Surely those shows were better than the ones you just mentioned.”

I’m not at all saying those shows weren’t better and if I were to be honest I would re-watch both those shows right now. Silver Spoons and Small Wonder are just as good and worthy of talking about.

Silver Spoons let me dive into the world of a kid who lived a humble life until the age of twelve when he met his rich dad for the first time. What kid did not have that fantasy? Think about all the times your parents told you couldn’t have the latest gadget because it cost too much. At some point you said to yourself, “I wish I had a rich parent I didn’t know about!”While the main theme to Silver Spoons was watching the relationship of a father and son grow, it also let children like myself get to actually visualize what living in a mansion was like and that you can actually fit a small ridable train in said mansion. Looking back the show probably wasn’t that great because it introduced materialism and envy to a young kids like myself, but still it taught me that despite all the toys and gadgets in the world every kid goes through puberty and it seemed to suck.

Small Wonder was my introduction to tv science fiction. That’s right, I said science fiction! A father creates an artificially intelligent robotic sister for his lonely son. How is that not sci-fi? Although when I describe it like that, it’s a little creepy, but I loved this show. As an only child, whose parents decided I was more than enough, there was a renewed sense of hope that I could still have a sibling. Unfortunately that technology is still not available and I may never get the chance to obtain a robotic sibling. Besides the obvious coolness of this show, it was also a show that allowed the kids to lead. A boy determined to hide his robotic sister from the annoying girl next door. That was pretty much every episode but it was entertaining. And I need to add that Tiffany Brissette, who played Vicki, did a great job of portraying a robot.

I guess the point to this post is that the four main networks at least tried to appeal to the younger generation during the 80’s and 90’s. (I miss TGIF and that will be the topic of another post.) And like I mentioned before we have great shows today, like The Goldbergs and Speechless, that have amazing kid/teen actors and kid-centric storylines. But these shows still don’t seem to have the kids in mind when they’re created or it could just be that I only see the adult point of view when watching them. Silver Spoons and Small Wonder were not the pioneers in kid sitcoms, I do know that The Brady Bunch existed beforehand, but they led the way for other shows to focus on entertaining children when they were ready for more than just cartoons. Now if my kids wants to watch a kid sitcom they have to turn to Nickelodeon or Disney because the four major networks need room for another cop drama or Chicago show (come on NBC, enough is enough.) 



While writing this post I sipped on a little Tension Tamer herbal tea in hopes it would calm my anxiety over whether this would be a good post or not. I hope you enjoyed reading what I wrote.


Please remember that I’m basic level when it comes to tea. If you have tea suggestions please send them my way by commenting or sending an email to


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