Imagine a Creative Title for this Post

Hello, and welcome to TV and Tea. I’ll be your host, Amanda.

That’s how I should start this blog right? Honestly I have no clue what to write and how to title my first post, so bear with me. If you’re reading this than you are either a friend of mine on Facebook and you’ve come to show me a little support or you are a random stranger who has mistakenly clicked on my blog link. (Is that how it works? God, I feel old.)

It has taken me quite some time to figure out what type of blog I should write. This will be the third blog that I’ve started and I hope not to abandon this one like I did the rest. Most of my previous, non-shared, blogs were kind of depressing. “Oh woe is me!! My life is so sad,” was the main theme to most of what I previously wrote. I decided that I don’t need to write about how depressed I may feel but write about the things I love. Besides loving my adorable children, TV is my biggest love.

Now this is where you start to pity me, right? “Oh wow, such a sad life. Her second love in life is TV. Sad…sad woman.” And that’s totally fine if you think that, it honestly doesn’t bother me. I should say that TV is actually my third love, I do have  a husband. So in your face those who pity me! (I’m kidding…don’t stop reading)

Here’s the thing, I am an only child and I grew up during the rise of cable television. I was born in 1981, the same year that MTV launched. When I was a kid my parents never thought of there being such a thing as too much television. They probably quite enjoyed that I would sit in our living room for hours staring at the big box with beautiful moving pictures. I’m sure my mom got a lot done.

This is not to say I didn’t go out and play with friends. That I didn’t play with my 20 Barbies. That my parents didn’t spend a lot of time with me. I did all that and more, but watching tv was my favorite thing to do. Why? Because it was a chance to see, with my own two eyes, the imagination of others. The work of storytellers. It was a beautiful thing to me. It wasn’t only television that I loved that let me dive into the world of imagination. I loved reading when I was a kid and still do. I had a grand collection of Babysitter’s Club and Goosebumps books that I’m still proud of to this day. My parents were really into watching movies and my love for movies grew from that family time we shared watching good old rented VHS’s. Music was and still is something that reaches into my soul and soothes me. All these things filled me with a sense of joy, awe and appreciation for those who can create and share the worlds that they imagine.

Now to come to the part about the tea. My obsession with tea is a new thing. I drank good old southern sweet tea for most of my life. I drank green tea for the first time when I lived in Japan. I absolutely love chai lattes and herbal tea has always been my remedy for basically any kind of illness, but I want more from tea. I want to learn about different teas, taste different teas and basically become a tea snob. I want to hold my pinky in the air as high as I can and know what good oolong tastes like. So I’m beginning a new adventure into trying different teas and learning about tea.

This is why the blog is called ‘TV and Tea.’ I’m going to talk about the thing that I’ve loved talking about, probably since I could talk, television (along with movies, music and books). And I want to share my new adventure into the world of tea. I hope many of you stick around and find my blog entertaining. I hope I can be just as entertained in writing it and stick with it.

In the end I just want to say, “Welcome to my blog!”

*This probably would be better as a podcast of sorts but that would cost money. (sad face)*


4 thoughts on “Imagine a Creative Title for this Post


    Sorry about the all caps, I kinda got caught up. I can’t wait to read all of your other posts. Count me as your first stalker!

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